API: User constructor properly checks Authorization headers Semi-consolidated error responses from Auth and User controllers Rebuilt Auth controller w/fake profile image passback Extended exception handler to not fail so hard on 404 routes Frontend: AppController listens for login/error broadcasts on $rootScope Login events save data to $localStorage and persist/reload as necessary Restangular config sets Auth […]


Implemented actual login/logout functionality that hits the dev API Added a bunch of ng-show/ng-hide things based on login status Tidied up a lot of the CSS animations Tweaked the Super Admin JS functions so checkboxes load properly Added a quick-login button that pulls valid email addresses Abstracted the sidebar to more discrete components Created an […]


Extended App\Exceptions\Handler.php to return simple array if coming from Postman Moved all domain elements into App\Domain folder (ew, refactoring opinionated frameworks) Changed namespace in RouteServiceProvider from App\Http\Controllers to App\Domain Ensured proper CRLF settings in .gitattributes file Cleaned up routes.php file and split all Domain-specific groups into their own files


Had a bunch of fun re-doing all my repo SSH key configs for no good reason Removed CSRF protection middleware Added CORS package Added Inbox/Project migration, models, and a few basic tests Added basic API key auth and valid/invalid tests


Added API testing suite for Codeception Got Guzzle HTTP requests triggering the testing environment by setting headers and modifying core files. What a pain in the ass. Removed composer packages: phpunit, phpspec, behat, mink+extensions, debugbar, verify, specify All testing suites (unit, functional, integration, api) are now handled under a single tool umbrella Added BaseLaravelCest class to […]


Spent 8+ hours implementing the Codeception testing framework and moving away from Behat

2015-02-11 – 2015-03-10

Lots of starts and stops toward implementing a fully command- and event-driven architecture, complete with basic logging. The application infrastructure is now as solid as I can reasonably make it, and extended to the realistic limit of my abilities. This feels very good.


Got all PHPUnit and Behat environment setups fine-tuned Implemented some clever migrating and seeding setups with SQLite Added TestDummy and Faker for augmenting tests Confirmed successful features implementation for Behat setup Confirmed successful unit tests implementation for PHPUnit setup


Implemented gulp for both api and app subdomains Experimented with minification, uglification, concatenation, etc. Added a ton of demo content to the dashboard Removed all extra Super Admin files


Updated composer to move Laravel 5 out of beta (!!!) Added .gitignore to both domains, removed ENV variables Implemented Super Admin bootstrap theme and basic dashboard layout Double-checked staging hooks for App subdomain Ensured that App subdomains all work: http://app.inviction.dev, http://dev-app.inviction.com, http://app.inviction.com